New Plugs and Product Summary

Hello Surfcasters,

My season was cut short due to the super storm Sandy. It is hard to get my head wrapped around the devastation to the New Jersey and New York coastlines. Even as far inland as I am, it seems that everyone I talk to was somehow affected by the storm or knows somebody that lost everything. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected.

This newsletter is short because November is a crazy month for me. After a season of fishing, I have begun plug-building again – and my day job also continues until the end of this month. But I have some important topics to share with you which is why I’m taking the time to write.

New Plug Announcement
I want to make a formal introduction of the Sand Pike XL. At 10”, 6-1/2 oz., this plug is the “big brother” of my original Sand Pike (8”, 3 oz.). It was one of the first plugs out of my bag this past season and the eel-skin version accounted for many fish in the high twenties on calm nights when the water was flat. On the freshwater side, this plug has taken a 52” musky on a lake in New Jersey!

I love the size of this plug. I have taken fish in rough conditions in big waves where I needed to get some casting distance. I fish it with a 10′ CTS rod rated 4 to 8 oz. I use 30 lb. fireline original fused and a 50 lb. fluorocarbon leader.

The Sand Pike XL sells for $45 and I have 14 in stock right now.

New Product Summary
BigWaterLures has come a long way since its initial start in 2005 with the Surface Giant in 4 colors. My thinking that the Giant would serve me in all situations quickly changed to the array of plugs and colors I offer now. Plus, experience and experimentation continually prompted me to go bigger. As a result, BWL now offers 12 different plugs in more than 40 traditional and custom colors!

I thought it would be helpful, particularly for newer subscribers, to create a BWL Product Summary to detail each plug, including its recommended application, optimal equipment and pricing. This summary is attached to this message. Please note, this is a Microsoft Excel file and must be opened in that program to read. Feedback on this product summary is most welcome.

New Inventory
After having no stock for most of the summer, I have now added a batch of about 40 Giants, SLIMs and Customs to my inventory – just in time for Christmas! These will be offered on a first come, first served basis while quantities last. I will continue to add plugs to my inventories during the winter.

I also have gift certificates available. Just email me with the name of the recipient and the amount you want to spend. Be sure to include 10% FET tax and $6 shipping.

And Finally — Price Increases Effective January 2013
I have not raised prices since 2008 – but must do so now or risk ending up with a business that is completely under water. As it is, the time that goes into making these lures is not fully compensated and my reward is more about my passion for fishing and the satisfaction of making such a quality product.

So, any plugs ordered and paid for prior to Jan 1, 2013 will be at the current prices. For orders placed on or after January 1, 2013, prices will increase $5 per plug. This represents a 10-15% increase across the product line. Custom plug orders will continue to carry a premium of $10 more than the price of the plug.

I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Tight lines,


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