Catch a big one with a Big Water Pike...
Hey Gary – Here’s my photo.

Action Photos

Tommy Wyzga with fish in the 30s caught on a Block Island Green Redhead.


Brian Palakiko’s new personal best caught from shore on a GRS Mini Pike Reverse Eelskin!


Another 40+ caught from Rob Radlof’s boat with a SLIM Black Pearl/White Belly.


John Yamakaitis catches a nice one on Chicken Scratch.


Anthony Telleri hits BIG with a SLIM Troller Medium Diver in Cobia.


Rob Radlof catches a 40+striper on a SLIM Med. Diver, Black Pearl/White Belly.


Shawn Matthews has a 38lb. hit with a Surface Giant in Block Island Green Scale.


Alex Obolsky catches BIG on a Giant Black Pearl/White Belly.


Alex Roukas snags a 37:/18 lb. striper at the Canal with a Giant Surfster Hickory Chad – by far the largest catch of any nearby fisherman.