New Plug Announcement – SLIMS

Hello Surfcasters,
These new plugs are a slimmer version of my Giant Pike created to fish around smaller bait –without giving away much in terms of size of catch. After all, I’m still a firm believer in “big bait, big fish”. However, in prior years, when fishing on Block Island and Cuttyhunk with the fish keyed on sand eels, I was hard-pressed to catch fish on my Giant, and even the Junior was too chunky at times.

This year, however, was different. I knew the fish would take a swimming plug, but it had to have a more slender profile. I tested out these SLIMS in Block Island in June and in Cuttyhunk in September. At Block, I had great success, taking in the larger of the fish caught. And in Cuttyhunk, I caught 5 fish in a row — all keepers…all hooked on the rear treble…without a fish on the dropper I tied ahead of the SLIM.

I’ve also gotten great feedback from several fishermen who have fished/tested the SLIM for me. In fact, take a look at the beauty that Josh Clogston caught on a deep diving SLIM here.

While there’s nothing quite like the savage strike of a big fish breaking the water on the surface SLIM, I have to say that the best SLIMS – in terms of consistent big catches — are the divers. It took awhile to get the right combo of weight and wood so that the plugs floated at rest, and swam down and stayed at depth on a slow retrieve. Just right for the bigger fish that tend to stay deeper – especially in big waves or when there is a big blow and the water is turbulent.

When I fish, I get to my spot and fan cast with a surface SLIM. Even if I snag a fish, I’ll switch to a medium diving SLIM and probe the middle depths. Then, if it’s deep enough, I’ll finish with a deep diving SLIM to cover the bottom. I almost always catch good-sized fish with this routine.


All of the SLIMS are 8” long. The Surface, Medium and Deep Diving SLIMS weigh in at 3-1/2 oz, 4 oz. and 4-1/2 oz, respectively.

New colors include a scale pattern in black, purple, blue and green and a pearl pattern in purple, blue, black pearl/purple belly and black pearl/white belly. I also have several in my standard colors, including bronze, lobster and black pearl. At this time, inventory is limited, so not all styles come in all colors. Purchase will be on a first come, first served basis and I will update the inventory list daily. See the SLIMS inventory list for availability, costs and other important info

I’m really excited about these new SLIM offerings. They compete well when smaller bait are present and are (slightly J) less intimidating than the Giant Pikes. They’ve been well tested and have performed consistently.

Good fishing,


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