Introducing…The Jeweled Pike Collection

Hello Surfcasters,

Call it “following my creative side” or “Gary gone nuts” but for some time now I’ve had the urge to push the artistic side of lure making to the limit.

That urge has culminated in nine very special art lures – each uniquely crafted with imbedded paste “jewels”. Some of the lures play off of familiar patterns (Wonder Bread, Sea Robin, Squid) and others are simply the result of imagination gone wild. I had a ball conceiving and making these fine lures – and hope you appreciate them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

While you can fish these lures if you like (they are styled/rigged just like my traditional Giant pikes), I have crafted these lures as artistic pieces – to collect rather than fish. I will make very few jeweled pikes – fewer than a dozen each year or two. And three of the nine lures offered here will not be made again. These are noted as “one-of-a-kind” on the photo page.

Each lure comes with a deep teal blue velvet bag with the BigWaterLures logo embroidered on it, and is accompanied by a display stand. The plugs are offered on a first come, first served basis.

As always, these lures are being offered to Website subscribers first. You can be sure they will not replace my “working” Pikes, Divers, SLIMs, and Sand Pike products. As a passionate fisherman, my working plugs – and spreading the message about “big bait, big fish” – are the most important elements for me.

But, it is nice to have a creative kick now and then – I hope you agree.

For photos, prices and order info, click here.

Best regards,


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